My First Video Game

Blockade Runner

Ever wondered what a "blockade runner" spaceship does when it's not being caught by a destroyer? Wonder no more. In this game you will defend a fast ship punching through blockades. You'll have to counter projectiles, ion blasts and tractor beams using lasers, shields and graviton jammers

For D&D 5E DMs

The Baatezu in the Details: Make Believable Dungeons

Are you populating a dungeon with monsters? You choose the monsters, The Baatezu tells you what details to add to your dungeon environments.

No monster will feel out of place ever again. With some investigation your party might even guess what creatures await them.

Covers every creature of the Monster Manual.


algi's Functions: Write Amazing Adventures

Functions is a revolutionary, new GMing method that relieves you of as much workload as possible, so you can focus on what really matters: crafting and performing the best adventure possible.

A new way of thinking, a new attitude for GMs described in the form of 18 practical advice with examples from the basic building blocks of an adventure to designing a campaign.

You won't ever again need to flip through pages to find some information you forgot, everything will be at your fingertips.

Quick Advice for GMs

Watch my playlist to learn about running adventures as a Game Master. I focus on lightening the GM's workload and create well crafted adventures. Most of my advice is based on the method introduced in Functions and is used in The Baatezu.

Live Streams

Usually playing through entire series of video game franchises from the first game to the last.